Minimalism authoring: some resources

The essence of the minimalist approach is to obstruct as little as possible the learner’s selfinitiated efforts to find meaning in the activities of learning.” (John M. Carroll)

Basics by John M. Carroll and Hans van der Meij


Academic research

  •  The minimalist Approach to Online Instructional Videos, by EH Pflugfelder, published in Volume 60, Number 2, May 2013 l Technical Communication
  • Applying Minimalist Principles, Strategies, and Techniques, by Susan M.J. Lester

  • Goal-orientation, goal setting and goal-driven behavior in (minimalist) user instructions,  by  Dr. Hans van der Meij, IEEE Transactions on Professional Communications, 50 (4) 295-205

Complementary reading

Se former aux techniques du minimalisme 

Le prochain atelier "documentation minimaliste" aura lieu les 29 et 30 septembre 2014 à Liège. Qu'on se le dise ;-)

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