Minimalist documentation : is this workshop for you?

  • Is your management asking you to reduce documentation costs? 
  • Do you create information that few customers use? 
  • Do you have fewer people to create and maintain the volume of information you've created in the past? 
  • Are you pursuing content management and structured writing?
Attending a "minimalism" workshop          
If your answers are "yes,"a minimalism workshop meets your needs directly. Minimalist documents take time and effort to design, but once you have them in place, the savings are clear. Minimalist documents cost less to produce, are easier to maintain, and reduce requests for customer support.

________________________________________________________________________  Minimizing your production costs

Minimalism is the key to getting the maximum return on your single-sourcing investment.

Minimalism isn't only for simple products or targeted at beginners. A minimalist approach makes complex products easier to understand and gets critical information more directly into the hands of experts.

People attending this workshop report they've reduced their documentation by 50 to 75 percent.

Taking your documentation to the mobile world

Is your documentation going mobile? Did you know that Mobile content is twice as difficult ?

Minimalism is designed for your needs (or do you
want to copy-paste your PDF manual on your mobile screen?...) 

Workshop: Is it really for me ?
This workshop offers a hands-on approach: You work on your own documents for more than 50 percent of class time. Be sure to bring a sample of past work, work-in-progress, or planned work that you want to trim. If you have a team working on reducing document size and cost, we recommend coming to the workshop together.

You will learn to:
  •     Evaluate when minimalist strategies should be used
  •     Know the four basic principles of minimalism
  •     Understand why you must motivate users
  •     Promote learning by doing rather than by reading
  •     Evaluate what to trim and why
  •     Focus on troubleshooting advice
  •     Identify opportunities to replace text with graphics
  •     Get maximum value from graphics
  •     Write, edit, and review documents for minimizing
  •     Prioritize your efforts when resources are slim
After the 29-30 september 2014 in Liège-Seraing, the next workshop will take place 15-16 December 2014, in Paris (in French).

Too expensive this 2-day workshop?
Listen to Betty discussing with her documentation manager the opportunity to register for the next workshop.

 Why is minimalism so popular today?

People prefer that information be in the context of their goals, their tasks, and their working environment. If they can find information that directly tells them how to reach their goals, they are much happier than if they have to extrapolate from disparate facts. They would like to have information that presents them with realistic scenarios and shows how the goals of the scenarios are best accomplished. They prefer hints, tips, and tricks that show them the best way to get a task done.


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