Minimalisme : les Dix Commandements

A mon humble avis, ceci est à mettre au-dessus de tout 
poste de travail d'un rédacteur technique :

1. Minimalist writing means including the least amount of content that is necessary for user success.

2. New users aren't interested in concepts.They want to jump in and try the product.

3. Minimalist writing means not offending the user's intelligence


4. Remove text about text.Must you tell the reader what the chapter contains, or can you get to the point?

5. Choose an action-oriented approach. Ensure that tasks follow an actual user workflow (a day in the life of...)

6. Include information that is more useful, well-suited to the task, and more action-oriented.

7. To slash verbiage, include fewer words, less description, and no useless information.


8. Give users a chance to be successful: get started quickly - jump into a task. 

9. Pay attention to what the user is perceiving,

 what is in their environment.

10. Don't focus on product specs and features; focus on what users need to do to be successful.

Ces règles sont extraites du webinar du 18 aout 2010, mené par JoAnn Hackos, sur le minimalisme et sponsorisé par Acrolinx [http://www.acrolinx.com/]

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